DIY: Silver Glow Potion & Body Spray


A spontaneous purchase on lilacs one Saturday at the farmers market sparked this potion.

This was the first time I encountered lilacs ever and its scent made me a devoted fan.

However, the buds of the lilac had a tendency to fall ever so easily. I didn’t want to waste the goodness that so I thought about creating something with the buds… a scrub, a syrup, a spray.


Yes, a spray. Something for the body and spirit. It’s not my first time creating a spray potion. Last summer, I created a potion spray for self love and glow with rose water and some other gems (literally and figuratively). When I tell you that I was glowing all summer? Don’t believe me, check out my Rawgust Herb Haul video. I exude love and fabulousness and y’all can’t tell me nothing!

But let me get back to this potion body spray. The main scent notes are lilac, lavender and peppermint. Sweet, soft, and cooling. This potion gives me Danielle of Ever After: A Cinderella Story.



Other moods include the natural glow of the moon, icy blue lip gloss, soft white glitter and silver butterfly hair pins from the 90’s. Wear it when you want to exude a subtle sweetness filled with mystery.

Here are the benefits of each scent.


  • Physical: astringent, skin toning & tightening, eases anxiety, antibacterial
  • Metaphysical: protection, flirtation, self love, positivity 


  • Physical: calms anxiety and emotional stress, alleviates headaches, improves sleep
  •  Metaphysical: healing, tranquility, release energy blockages, purifies, cleanses


  • Physical: antiseptic, energizing, relieves sore muscles, unclogs sinuses, increase energy
  •  Metaphysical: clearing negative energies, aphrodisiac, good luck, positivity


Other big component in this spray include clear quartz. Choosing this crystal was purely a decision based on intuition. Known as the master healer, clear quartz can amplify, store, release and regulate energy. It balances physical, mental, spiritual, energies. It also revitalize and energize and stimulate.

I suggest you go off of your own intuition for this spray potion. It really depends of your intention and its use. However, if you want any suggestions, here’s a few.

  1. Selenite: (Can’t be the potion because it’s water soluble. However, you can charge it on top of the infusion.)
  2. Moonstone: For some extra femme energy
  3. Opalite
  4. White Jade
  5. Rose Quartz
  6. Amethyst


  • 8 oz spring water
  • 2 – 4 oz of fresh lilac flower buds. (make sure these are organic. Not sprayed with pesticides)
  • 10-15 drops of lavender oil
  • 5-7 drops of peppermint oil
  • A splash of Vodka or Rum to preserve (Vodka is best due to having no scent. However, I used rum in mine and I love it. It adds a bit of sweetness).
  • Crystal or crystals of your choice.


  1. Boil water and pour in glass container
  2. Add lilac buds and drops of essential oils
  3. Once it cools a bit add crystal and alcohol in concoction.
    • Make sure the crystal is not water soluble.
  4. Sit down, breathe and set a bomb ass intention, spell, for your potion.
  5. Let it steep for a minimum of 3 days. (Let it infuse by the sunlight or moonlight if ya sexy.)
  6. Strain into a dark glass spray container.


Spritz to your heart’s desires and let me know what you think!

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