3 Reasons I’m Having a Raw Vegan Summer


It’s smack dab in the middle of summer and I’ve been eating fresh fruits and veggies since it started. Last April, I decided that I would have a fully raw summer starting the on the summer solstice. I’ve done many days of juicing, alkaline foods, and many more cleanses in my past. But no cleanse has lasted over 30 days.

So here I am. Doing the impossible. In order to do the impossible, I had to solidify the reasons why I’m embarking on this raw summer journey in the first place. So here’s my top 3 reasons I’m even doing this.

1. To detox my body and heal my tummy.

At work having a blueberry fig smoothie for my breakfast

At work having a blueberry fig smoothie for my breakfast

This is the biggest reason! In February, I started to experience fatigue like no other. There would be moments where I’m energetic and in a split second, I felt like I got the wind knocked out of me. I thought I was just plain lazy until my friends noticed it as well. I discussed this with my doctor and nothing came out of it. I tried adding more vitamin d and b12 in my diet and I still felt exhausted every day.

One day, I was scrolling on Instagram when I came upon Nikisha Riley’s IG story about her visit to her naturopath. She found out that despite all of her healthy eating, her body wasn’t receiving the adequate nutrients due to digestive issues. So her doctor put her on a cleanse.

I resonated with her story so much! I eat 80% well, meal prep every weekend, and shit on the regular. Yet, I felt so tired. I always had digestive issues and haven’t done a cleanse in a while. What a great way to start.

I’ve been researching about mucoid plaque and how it affects the body. I damn sure knew I had plenty of the symptoms that it causes. So I decided to start working towards deep cleaning my insides so I can feel better overall. But first, I had to prep my body with raw vegan foods.

2. Summer is the perfect time to eat raw.

Summer Kale Salad and Raw Berry Cashew Cheesecake I created for my Summer Solstice Party. Source: Tia (@empathprose) and me

It’s so funny to me that the folx who say you should go raw 24/7 are same people who live on islands or places with tropical climate. I live on the east coast and we experience ALL of the seasons. Raw isn’t great 24/7 for us. A few years back, I tried to juice fast for 60 days in the dead of winter. I was so tired of being cold, I stopped and ate all of the things at my bakery job.

According to Chinese medicine, there are hot and colds foods. During the summer, it’s best to eat more raw foods for it’s cooling to your qi or life force. Think about it. The summer brings heat and warmth, so your body automatically wants cooling foods for balance. And the amazing thing about the our connection to the earth is that most foods that are in season are cooling foods such as melons, berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchinis. The opposite goes for winter.

3. Rawgust was dope!


Last year, I joined my friend, Tia and did a fully raw vegan challenge for the month of August. It was such a joy! I was energized to the point where I did two workouts in a day. I also explored new foods like figs and tried new recipes. I felt so light and great that month and I wanted to replicate that.

So that’s it. Want to know how’s it’s been going so far? Subscribe to my YouTube channel for my raw summer vlogs coming soon!

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