Health Journal 002: Take It Even Smaller


The health journal series is my way on keeping track on my weight loss journey. It’s the breakdown of my thoughts, my food entries, exercise routine, and stress management every week. 

Week: Jan 14 – 20

What I Ate:

Breakfast: Berry Waffles (No Pic)
  • I tested out my mini waffle maker when the bestie came to town.

Lunch/Dinner: Thai Almond Noodles with Kimchi

  • This was a simple treat I created using buckwheat noodles and some frozen veggies. Once I boiled the noodles and quickly sauteed the veggies. I created an almond sauce using almond butter, brown sugar, tamari, and apple cider vinegar.

 Lunch/Dinner: Falafel with brown rice, steamed beets and carrots,         and Lemon Tahini Kale

  • This dish was also created with a few leftover items from the previous week.
Salad: Kale with Lemon Maple Tahini
  • I loved this salad. It was so simple and freaking delicious. What made this amazing was the dressing I created. Tahini, salt, pepper, lemon, maple syrup and the secret ingredient… FENNEL. Massaging the kale with the dressing meant that flavor was easily distributed and no excess calories! It was bestie approved.
Snack: Apples
  •    Never fail me. Never.

Food Diary:

My best friend visited me during the weekend so we pigged out … on my vegan food. We had my shepherd pie and lentils/jack fruit medley with brown rice I made last week.

I experimented with food this week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I created all the meals on top of my head. I experimented with spices that I thought would go together and followed my intuition when it comes to measurements. I felt so free and aligned when I cook.
Even made a desert I called The Brigette. The dessert was based off of the apples and honey snack she introduced me to back in college. It’s stewed cinnamon apples, vanilla ice cream, almond butter, and maple tahini sauce. I ate that delectable treat at least 3 times this weekend.
There was a party at my apt complex and I ate 4 different pizza slices (only one was vegan). I KNOW I casted dairy out of my 2018 and it trailed into my 2018. I ended up feeling nauseous afterwards.
In order for me to make less decisions that aren’t aligned with my values and mission, I have a discussion in my head. Is it worth the instant gratification? And what making this ill choice tell me about my future choices?  One ill choice snowballs into bigger actions and decisions that stray away from my goals.
During work, I have been walking to the vending machine and the candy jars too many times. Work snacks are needed.
In fact, I think I need more healthy food around me at all times. So regardless of what bad surrounds me, the good isn’t too far behind.

Workout Plan:

Make it to the gym. Every morning.

How I worked out:

 I didn’t. I felt overwhelmed with all the self improvement habits I’ve been trying to implement this week. Cleaning, sleeping, eating, productivity, reading and more. In fact, I took a break on all that shit.
Even though I have a gym in my apt and a gym at my job, I miss planet fitness. I miss seeing people working out with me. So my goal went from “just make it to the gym” to “just make it to planet fitness”. The apt and work gyms are my backups.

How I slept:

 Like I motha fuckin  G! I’m training my body to wake up at 5 and I’ve been doing very well. I wake up before 5 feeling well rested. Now, getting up is a different story.

How I handled stress:

When my bestie came to visit, she had gotten a physical the day before. Looking at her previous and current physical notes, she realized that a lot of her health levels and scores have significantly reduced. Perplexed, she shared to me trying to figure out what changed. Stress.

Stress always make a difference and I think people underestimate how much stress impact of lives.
Her improvements on her health was a reminder to the both of us on how managing stress can improve your health.
The way I managed stress this week was doing a moving meditation and prayer when I wake up.  A moving meditation is when you are focused on the present while in motion.
In the morning, I practice moving meditation by remaining silent and present while I use the bathroom, prep my altar, and make my tea.
Sitting at my altar, I pray and talk to my ancestors which gives me such peace. After meditation and prayer, I feel ready to conquer the world.
I also destress by reading on the bus trip to work. I absolutely adore this little ritual I have. My bus trip is about 45 minutes to an hour, so I take my time and studying Open to Spirit by Caroline Shola Arewa.
One thing is I feel like I need to mention on Wednesday I was overwhelmed with my thoughts on self help. I felt like all my content consumption was about self improvement. I kept reviewing every action I deemed negative and creating plans on how to improve and what tools I need.
After work, I took a break on self improvement. I’m taking a break on self improvement again today. I don’t know how long its gonna be but already I feel the pressure off of me.


Can I improve? Yes. But this week taught me to be more present in my actions and choices. Instead of researching shit that tells you the same thing.

What about your journey? Are there some health goals you are trying to accomplish this year? Share your experiences below.

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