Health Journal 001: Just Make It There


The health journal series is my way on keeping track on my weight loss journey. It’s the breakdown of my thoughts, my food entries, exercise routine, and stress management every week. 

Week: Jan 1-Jan 7

What I Ate:

Here’s what I meal prepped:


Breakfast: Biscuits with Mushroom and Sausage Gravy 


Lunch/Dinner: Southwest Corn Chowder with Steam Spinach


  • I followed the The Full Helping’s Corn Chowder recipe and tweaked it to suit what I had in the fridge. I used unsweetened coconut milk instead of cashew cream. I switched from celery to red bell peppers. I accidentally blended the soup too much so it turned out smoother than I liked. But still yummy. I added lime and cilantro as garnish.

Lunch/Dinner: Channa Masala with Delhi Saag


Snacks: Apples with Almond Butter and Honey 


  • Favorite favorite favorite SNACK!

How I was Eating:

I could do better WAAAAYYYY better. I ate the all the meals I prepped. However, snacking became a huge problem. I bought Oreos and Sweet Chili Doritos earlier that week. My intent was for them to be little snacks throughout the week but they became one day binges. And yes, my snacks were vegan but eating beyond the serving size meant I was consuming thousand of calories, salt and sugar. It made me realize that I need to prep my snacks as well as my meals.

Workout Plan:

Phase 1: Walk for the month of January

How I worked out:

Jan 1:
I was hung over after drinking more than half of a bottle of wine and eating ice cream in my bathtub. That’s how I celebrated 2018 and today was my recovery.
Jan 2:
January 2nd was my first official day back on the treadmill. I haven’t worked out consistently since Rawgust due to life being too hectic (even though that’s more of a reason to keep working out for exercise keeps me sane.)
Granted, getting back at my fitness routine had me pumped. In fact, I thought I would too bored doing phase 1 of my workout plan which is walk/run on the treadmill for a month. But seeing that I wouldn’t get out of bed, phase 1 was perfect.
My alarm woke me up at 5:30 am. This was the time I should get up, make tea, meditate and head to the gym. However, I talked myself out of self-care and at 6:30 am I did the same thing.
I didn’t wake back up until 7:06 am and my mind said “maybe, you can do this tomorrow or even after work. The time to workout has passed”. Then I remembered the mantra when I started to workout last year. “Just make it there.
This time, I had no excuse. When I started to workout last March, my gym was a bus ride and a short walk away. I had to synchronize my watch to make sure I don’t miss the bus to the gym. But now, my apartment complex has a small gym two floors down.
So I quickly changed my clothes, got my things and head straight down. I did 7 minutes on an incline listening to a dope Afrobeat mix tape and then my bluetooth earphones shut off. I know. I know. I just talked about having no excuses but I can’t workout without music. It’s fucking unnatural. Besides, I conquered my goal. I made it to the gym.
One of my favorite bloggers, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, always says the way to create a positive life transforming habit is to start ridiculously small. And this is not just a diet for me. I am developing a consistent healthy and holistic lifestyle. In order for me to be attached to this change, “just making to the gym” is my goal for a long while.
Jan 4:
I messed up. I didn’t sleep at a reasonable and I woke up groggy and annoyed. This morning was supposed to be filled with crazy winds and a shit ton of snow. I thought my office would be closed but it wasn’t. I wasn’t feeling my best self, so I skipped my meditation and workout today. I have no excuses really.
Jan 5,6&7: Didn’t work out. Being honest.

How I Slept:

The goal is having a calm night routine around 9pm and sleep by 10pm. However, I slept earlier or later. I have a bad habit of watching YouTube on my bed. I woke up around 5:15 every morning, but sometimes I’m groggy. Bit by bit this will improve.

How I Handled Stress:

I meditated one time this week. I wrote a lot to handle my stress. But I mostly ate my days away in my room. I need a game plan.


I need to tighten up my routine and tackle changes bit by bit. More planning, more preparation is in the works.

On a health journey? Share your goals down below!


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