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When I was old enough to pick my own clothes, I hindered my fashion sense due to my body. “Imma wait til I lose the weight” always influenced me from buying something that I really liked.

So I settled for the trendy clothes that sorta fit my body type.

That philosophy stayed with me for years just like the negative perception of my body. No matter how much my body changed, I thought it was never right enough to express my style. After years of rituals, mantras, and therapy, I realized that it was my mind, not my body that prohibited me. So, I did the work to change it.

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Life is too short for me to not keep it funky, wear mixed patterns, try out menswear, and explore fashion overall. My style strays away from the plus size “I’m sexy like the rest of the human race so I need body con, high slits, and horrible material quality at a higher price” agenda companies seem to have. So fit means more to me than ever.

Keep in mind, I said FIT, not SIZE. Size is relative, it fluctuates between companies, countries, and fashion departments. It’s unreliable and shouldn’t be the main focus of style. Fit is a different beast. Fit adjusts to your own body and your style. Maybe you are the person who likes clothes that accentuates your curves or you are someone who loves fabrics that loosely falls on your body with grace. It is fit not size that determines that.

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Here’s a few tips I’ve gather along this personal style journey.

Use the size guide: Online shopping used to scare me! I’m a sucka for a fitting room. However, actually paying attention to the size guide released my fear. Yes, I have to break out the measuring tape to make sure I get the correct size for that particular item of clothing. But it sure beats the guessing game in a world where a size 16 is a size 12 for one company and a size 20 in another.

Go to the tailor: Bruh. We live in a world of fast fashion. Where instead of getting a tailor, we ditch a perfectly good but ill-fitting pant for an identical one from H&M. Thus, paying double the price for a problem that was a $10 fix . We totally underestimate the power of these magicians.

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If it don’t fit, you must acquit: Yes, I’m stealing Johnny Cochran’s line. Some clothes just gotta go no matter how much you love it. Let’s not wait for our bodies to adjust to clothes. I want to be happy, comfortable, and confident in my clothes NOW. I’m worth living my best life today and you are worth that too.

Any who, let’s say fuck no to “weight loss goal jeans” and clothes that make us feel like crap. And scream fuck yes to clothes that celebrate who we are now. The present is guaranteed so why not make the best of it?

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Have any style tips of your own? Don’t hold them to yourself, share your wisdom down below!

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