Finding My Personal Style


I got style.  Style that would make you think I got that Rihanna touch. Style that should have its own StyleLikeU episode (circa 2012). Style that would make you second guess your wardrobe.

However, my current wardrobe is far from the amazing style I have. In fact, it’s the total opposite. My closet is sparse from the massive minimalist overhaul I did a few months back. I threw away and donated worn out clothes — too loose, too tight, made me feel uncomfortable, and no longer represented who I am. To be honest, none of the pieces (except for 2) represent my current state. And if nudity wasn’t taboo, I would be nekkid just to give it all away.

I’m starting from scratch and giving myself a chance to fully express my style. That’s something I never had the freedom to do. But no more! This time, it’s all about curating pieces that feel good on my body, mind and soul. Instead of putting down the funds and going ham online, I’m doing a different approach. The first step is defining my aesthetic.


Boho. Vintage. Androgyny. Minimalist


Nomad. Texture. Pattern. Eclectic. Perfect Imperfection. Spiritual. Mismatch.

I want to feel like a Ms. Frizzle’s younger sister who lives in Brooklyn and writes for a literary magazine.

Influencers: Vanessa Wright of Bazaar Bohemian| Justina Blakeney of JungalowAmarachi Ukachu | Solange | Jojo Abot | Shadé of Printed Pattern People | Trae Harris | Musemo Handahu of Lion Hunter


Global. Culture. Music. Griot. History. Ancestry. Gold. Museum.

While I appreciate all cultures. I am deeply connected to the Rastafarianism style for it was huge during my parents’ upbringing in Jamaica. Good friend and my style influencer, Desiree Venn Frederic, taught me that clothing has a story. It reveals the state of that time period, that location.  Vintage clothing is laced with stories and lessons just like a book or an elder.

Influencers: Desirée Venn Frederic | Bob Marley | Tia Bural of Sistren & Seed | Peter Tosh | My Mother | My Aunts & Uncles | Style Like U | Poema Jones


Masculine. Feminine. Crossing Borders. Straight Lines. Fluidity. Warrior. Yin. Yang. Everything In Between.

After years or internal work, I realized that I’ve smothered my masculinity. She has appeared in my dreams for the past two years and everyday, she urges to come out. We all have masculine and feminine energies and we have to balance them. And despite the “feminine” body features I have, I want to express her in the truest form.

Influencers: Dynasty & Soull Ogun | Jesse Boykins III | Ari Fitz | Lateef Thynative | Teff The Don | Street Etiquette | Brooklyn Circus 


Modern. Clean Lines. Neutral. Source. Elements. Calm.

I know combining this word with all the others seem kind of odd. But there are times where the textures, patterns, and more are too much. Sometimes, I crave simplicity. Neutrals and clean lines are powerful. They can provide ease to the eyes when layered with intense color and patterns or be a fashion statement by its lonesome.

Influencers: Universal Standard | Lydia Hudgens | Tanesha Awasthi of Girl With Curves

Now that I have a gist of my aesthetic, it’s time to face my body and my size. Stay tuned for that process.

If you could define your style, what words would you choose? Also if you have any style mood boards, please share! 


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