Watch: I Know The Sunset by KarynRose Bruyning

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Man: You ever wonder why stories always begin with a boy and a girl? Never a man and a woman. Always a boy and a girl?

Woman: Well, it’s because ‘boy and a girl’ sounds sweet and innocent. And people liked to believe that they are innocent even when they’re not.

This is the conversation between two lovers in the new short film, I Know The Sunset. The film depicts a love story where the feelings aren’t mutual. It was written and directed by KarynRose Bruyning, the genius behind the web series, Smoke and Mirrors.

So what do I love about this film?

  1. It’s relatable. I know many, including myself, who have been in this situation. Falling for someone and the feeling isn’t mutual, finding comfort with someone who isn’t your partner, confusion in relationships, and more. From the booty calls to the nicknames/emojis in their contacts for each other, the little nuances made reminisce. Honey, we’ve all been there.
  2. The creative direction. This film packs so much oomph with so little words. The cinematography by Artemus Jenkins was on point, from the lighting to the angles. Jazz music accompanied the scenes, which gave added depth and texture to the visuals. And when there were conversations, there were impactful.
  3. Made me think. When it comes to broken relationships, you tend to want to pick a side. But I couldn’t. Both characters are amazing and flawed. The love they had for each other was not equal. In fact, their intentions for the relationships weren’t even similar. One used it to escape their world. The other found a space for comfort and vulnerability. One fell in love and that love wasn’t reciprocated. And as much as it hurt, no one was at fault. I’ve been in that predicament. At times, I thought I was to blame.  Other times, I painted my ex as the villain. Regardless, you can’t control who you love and who loves you back. This film taught me this lesson.

Let me not spill any more thoughts and give away too many details. Click the photo above to watch the film and share your thoughts down below!

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