Listen: Stand Still by Sabrina Claudio

0 Source: Sabrina Claudio Facebook

Warning: This song and video will intensify your urge to make babies. If you ain’t ready, wrap it up!

It’s been two weeks since Sabrina Claudio dropped her latest project, About Time and I’m hooked. I fell in love with Claudio’s music since hearing the powerful self-love song, Confidently Lost. I heard that song during a huge life transition and it helped me through it. And NOW, Miss thing has me wanting to go out and find me a boo.

This is a stormy dark night, vinyl playing, candle burning, body oil, silk robe type of song. This is a song to love your lover (or yourself) to! Her ethereal voice connected with the dope beat almost had me making that “hey big head” text. So be careful.

But also be intuned. Because this girl is up to something big.

Just watch.

P.S. She’s opening for 6lack at the 9:30 club in Washington, DC, late November. Check her out then.

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