Recap: Balanced with Red Bull Amaphiko + Brown & Healthy


The roller rink at the Shake and Bake Family Center turned into a calm oasis. Cool blue and vibrant red lights covered the area. Yoga mats were neatly sprawled on the floor ready for folks to practice.

Balanced was collaborated event by Red Bull Amaphiko and Brown & Healthy. The event consisted of meditation, yoga, dance and roller skating (of course!). Balanced was hosted by Michelle Antoinette Nelson of Brown & Healthy, a non-profit organization focused on community health and wellness.

"Change the narrative. Change the world"- Michelle Antoinette Nelson of Brown & Healthy

“Change the narrative. Change the world”- Michelle Antoinette Nelson of Brown & Healthy

The event started with a conversation with Lauren Ash, yoga teacher and founder of Black Girl in Om, an online publication for women of color. Ash discussed her humble beginnings in yoga, the start of Black Girl In Om, social media and genuine interactions.

After the conversation, Changa Bell, the creator of Black Male Yoga Initiative, taught us two types of meditation, including one from the martial art, Bando.


Changa Bell of Black Male’s Yoga Initiative

Ash came back and lead a yoga practice. The event finished up with a dance session by CJay Phillip of Dance and Bmore followed by a free skate.


“I view yoga as a moving meditation”- Lauren Ash of Black Girl in Om

Overall, the event was really great. It was my first time going to the Shake & Bake Family Center and to see the community gather for health and wellness was a positive one. Me and yoga have had a rocky relationship but  Lauren Ash’s class was just as refreshing as the conversation she had with Michelle. The meditation practices introduced by Changa Bell really tested my strength (whew my muscles was hurting during the Bando meditation!). Nonetheless, the event was a success. I’m super proud of Michelle of Brown & Healthy for hosting and creating such a dope event. Ya girl even got to take home the yoga mat she practiced on!


Life was hectic for me that week but this event got me right back to the center to what mattered. That’s what Balanced is all about, ain’t it?


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