#Rawgust: Lavender & Watermelon


I went on a day trip and visited a few friends in DC.

Shout out to the home skillet biscuits…

To Shanti. Digital Archivist and Creator of A Note To Zami.



You are a beautiful vibrant soul and I’m so grateful to have met you live and direct. And Super proud of you. You out here kicking ass! I love it!

Check out our conversation on radical self-love on the blog: Rad Self Love 2017: Shanti of ANoteToZami

To Malik.


Beautiful one. I cannot express enough gratitude to have bumped into you at Outwrite. I pray… scratch that. I KNOW this is just the beginning of our friendship. P.S. Thank you for the apple! 🙂

To Alejaibra.

HAPPY SOLAR RETURN King! I’m so happy to know you. The Madison House hold a special place in my heart and i’m grateful for the sacred environment and passionate work you do in our community.

To Lisa.


Source: Tia of Empath.prose

Hey Sis. Thank you for the connections, the talks, the advice and your support. I truly appreciate you.

To Tia.

SIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS!!!! Thank you for being you. For inspiring me to do Rawgust and being my accountability partner! I love you dearly girlah!!!!

More Rawgust Vlogs & Vids to come! 

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