Journey to Minimalism: Letting GO


For a few months now, my spirit has been urging me to go on a minimalism journey. I felt trapped by all the things (physical, digital, mental and more) that no longer served me. To be honest, I was so scared of being without and it’s the reason it took me so long. But I rather take that risk. I longer want to buy things or have experiences in order to quickly adapt to my environment, get with the trends or whimsical spontaneity.

From now on, I am carefully curating my the materials, tools, and experiences. I am mindful in all that I consume. I want nothing but joy and happiness from the things that I have and in order to do so, I gotta purge. But guess what?! My release can be your gain. I’m selling my clothes, books, and cameras online! Follow my Depop Shop @mykieintheraw and my eBay store is mykalee222!

I am also giving away 4 books for free (knowledge is power)!

All you gotta do is subscribe to my YouTube channel, share and comment on the video!

I will choose 4 winners in two weeks. Good luck!!!! 🙂

Other Info:
Song: Love of My Life Remix by Erykah Badu and Kaytranada
Zine I’m reading in video: Love Letters to Self

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