RadSelfLove 2017: Houiea Love

Mykalee McGowan

Radical Self Love. I shared my story and thoughts about radical self love. Now, I pick the brains on the folks that have inspired my own journey to self love. In the radical self love series, I ask six questions that I asked myself in the beginning of 2017. Because learning about my peers, is to learn about self.  

I met Houiea Love at Harriet’s Apothecary, one of the most magical and amazing events I’ve attended. He has such a powerful yet calm energy and we instantly become friends. When I decided to do this series, I needed to interview him. (Hell, there’s Love in his name!)  Here’s what the healing artist says about radical self love.

MykieInTheRaw: Tell me about yourself.

Houiea Love: My name is Houiea LOVE and I am a multidimensional healing artist. I heal in every artistic endeavor and life itself is art. I practice many different art forms but first and foremost I’m a healer. As a healer, I offer a set of spiritual services: higher self and akashic record readings, as well as reiki healing. As an artist, I pour healing into all of my art: painting, drawing, writing, sewing, dancing, filmmaking, and more. In business I felt like I needed a title that was encompassing to everything  I offered, so that whenever someone asked me what I do, I’m not naming a list of who I am.

MITR: What part of yourself do you adore?

HL: I adore my pure heart. In the way that I have a very pure intention when i’m walking into and walking away from situations. I always try to find the purest aspect, the root, of what the connection is.

MITR: What parts of yourself do you need a little more loving?

HL: I would say. Conflict. My conflict. The conflict that we experience is something that we need in order to grow. So I need to not have conflict with the conflict that I need to experience so that I may love my path completely and unconditionally. Because great people don’t have very simple stories nor have they become great without hardship and detriment to their cause.

I’m very grateful and very much in need of shedding LOVE on the conflict that I had to experience. Just the idea of conflict period, it’s a necessary part of life and you’re not gonna find life or any type of experience where you don’t have some type of conflict with yourself, or with someone or an endeavor that you’re embarking on.

I need to love the conflict. And LOVE that comes much more in the form of acceptance for what this has to be. Self LOVE is sometimes an act of self defense and protection is a form of self love. 

When you are doing something amazing. You have to protect that or it won’t be amazing anymore.

Source: Houiea Love 

MITR: What part of yourself is hard to face?

HL: I would say the truth about my greatness. For so long, it’s been easy and almost trendy to be sad. It seem so common to be sad and wallow and be angry. Its necessary to face the good in my life because I’m so used to just being sad. I’m surrounded by so much good and so many blessings and i’m literally walking in the fruits of all of the labor that I had to experience in order to be blessed; in order to receive these blessings.

A part of me that I’m having trouble facing is letting go and the love and appreciation of conflict. It all comes in a full circle.

Facing the good. Facing the beauty.

And the magnificence life has.

MITR: What advice would you give to someone embarking a self love journey?

HL: I would say. Don’t be afraid to LOVE yourself in spite of what you think it will feel like. When it was time for me to LOVE myself more, there were certain conditionings I had to break through, certain thoughts and certain memories of people telling me not to LOVE myself when I did LOVE myself.

Words like narcissism, self absorbed, conceited. And there are definitely fine lines between self love and narcissism. But when you love yourself, truly do it because you need to do it. Not because someone else wants you to. No other reason but that you need to do it.

You realize that when you don’t love yourself, you are almost surviving on the love of others. But when you do love yourself you are thriving on your own love and the love that is filled in you from the creator.

MITR: Any last thoughts?

How we love ourselves is a direct correlation to our relationship with the creator. I know some people who neglected their relationship with the creator. This means neglecting their own divinity and an aspect of their own self love. When you do have a healthy amount of self love and you’re able to receive love from the creator and from other people, you are able to give love, and vice versa. The process is reciprocal, is like a circle of life. When you do have a full cup of self love, you’re able to give and receive easily and freely. It becomes seamless because the self love is there. It’s the foundation. You’re not walking outside with a half full or empty cup.

Source: Houiea Love 

Want to get know more about Houiea Love? Follow him at @houiea and check out his site www.houiea.love.