Listen: Kiss My Girlfriend By Etta Bond


I have a thing for British singers. I find it weird that my favorite musicians from this side of the world, names all start with E. Ego Ella May, Emmavie, and now Etta Bond.

Oh gosh, what can I say about Etta? Her voice piqued my interest a year ago with her single, Seen and Never Heard and I stayed for her message. Whether if it’s declaring that she’s not going to be a trophy wife or she’s explaining her addiction to her toxic lover, I’m wondering WHY IS SHE READING MY JOURNAL?! Her words are too relatable to my life and thoughts.

In this new single, Bond talks about how these dudes want to kiss her girlfriend but knows truly nothing about her love. Seeing Bond and her girl together is more of a sexual fetish to men instead of a true relationship.

As for the video, WOOOOOOO CHILD #queergirldreams! Press Play to see what I mean. 🙂


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