I love body products. I believe this trait comes from my mother. Growing up, I used to clean my mother’s vanity filled with eclectic perfumes, lotions, and oils. Smelling sweet and feeling clean is a  PRIORITY in our family and I took that with me when I left for college.

But the same body products I used for years turned against me at 19 years old. I started to have rashes and boils and it made me research natural products. I’m now the natural hippie version of my mother with a big box filled with amazing natural holistic body products. Shrine of 9 is a new addition to that box.

Shrine of 9 is a handcrafted and natural cosmetics company. Its creator, Oya the Oracle, is a witch and spiritual counselor who infuses magick in her products. It’s for the folks who want to incorporate magic in their everyday life. Shrine of 9 allows you to exorcise while you exfoliate, draw money in your life while you draw a bath and much more.

I decided to get a few items to see what’s up!



This soap is what peaked my interested in Shrine of 9. I’ve never seen a soap that was shaped like a fat black woman before. It reminded me of Sarah Bartmaan, my body-positive role models and myself. I’ve learned to know that this soap is in the shape of Venus of Willendorf, “one of the oldest and most famous surviving works of art“. It’s the depiction of the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. According to the Shrine of 9 site, the Black Venus of Willendorf protects money, pregnancy and you from harm. The main ingredients, sea salt and coffee, gets rid of negative energy and balances your mind, body and spirit.

What I love about this soap is that it exfoliates and moisturizes as well as cleanse you. It simplifies a 3 step shower process into one. Another plus is that it leaves no oily residue that other body scrubs tend to do. Bits of coffee grains come off as you exfoliate but it’s very easy to clean.

I don’t have the luxury of taking baths or having a home spa day. But this makes my skin and spirit feel like I did.



In 2017, I want my more money to flow to me than from me. And I bought this oil to make that happen. All About the Benjamins is a money attraction oil made with sunflower oil, almond oil, herbs, and the money magnet spice, cinnamon. According to the Shrine of 9 site, you can rub this oil on your body, your wallet, and even dress your money candles with.

I use this oil in a multitude of ways from the physical to the spiritual. I use this oil to dress my abundance candle on my manifestation altar. I dab a bit of it on my wallet and cards before charging them in the moon. I also rub it on my skin before a big job interview. IM *clap* NOT *clap* PLAYING *clap* NO *clap* BROKE *clap* GAMES *clap* IN *clap* 2017!!!

The oil doesn’t have much of a scent which makes it easy to layer with a body butter without sensory overload.

I want to address that working with spiritual oils such as this one requires FAITH, PATIENCE, and WORK. It’s a spiritual tool, not a genie. I use this oil in my spiritual practice AS WELL AS putting in the work by applying for jobs, passing out resumes, and doing what I love with the intention of making money from it, in the near future.



This body butter is cotton candy kisses in a jar. It’s made with ingredients such as sunflower oil, rice bran oil, and shea butter. I love to using it after a light oil to seal in the moisture in my skin to combat the cold dry winter air.

But what makes me the happiest about this body butter is that it pleases my senses. It’s pink, has a splash glitter and smells like bubblegum. According to the Shrine of 9 site, the Pink Matter body butter brings out the divine feminine energy in you. It definitely brings up the whimsical fairy goddess in me.

Overall, my first impression of the Shrine of 9 body products is nothing but amazing. I recommend for the folks who want to incorporate magic and witchcraft in their daily lives with sublety. Or for the folks who like bomb ass handcrafted natural good smelling body products. Either way, give Shrine of 9 a try.

This review was not sponsored by Shrine of 9 and the opinions are mine. I just like to share dope shit to dope people!

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