Listen: PHO by Ari Lennox


I remember seeing Ari Lennox perform at a WHUR radio event my sophomore year at Howard. I was in awe. Later on, I found her YouTube channel and was dancing to her song, Coco Puffs, thinking she was as goofy as I was.

Now, the DC native released PHO, her new EP, on October 21st and I’ve sipped it ever since. PHO is Lennox’s new project as an artist of Dreamville Records, a label created by rapper, J Cole. It has seven tracks including her soulful classic, “La La La La”, and latest single, “Backseat” featuring Cozz.

I appreciate the production of this EP being a mix of soul, jazz, and trap accompanying Lennox’s unique voice. But what really gets me is that Lennox is a relatable woman who shows all facets of herself.

Of course, you are going to get your love songs. But she also lets you know that she gets tipsy, screws her boo in the backseat, and occasionally ask them to come over when her roommates aren’t home. I’ve done it. My friends have done it. Tell me a millennial who hasn’t.

PHO is the music for the folks that pregame before the function, dealing with situationships and still trying to get their life together. Folks like me. So I have to get behind that.

You can listen to PHO now on your major music streaming companies such as Spotify, Apple Music and so on. To check out her latest music video, Backseat featuring Cozz, press the play button on the top of this post.

Til next time.


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