Witches of the DMV 

Mykalee McGowan

Witch. The term is normally associated with children dressing up in pointy hats, holding brooms and plastic cauldrons on halloween.  

Sometimes it’s associated with early European and American history where women were falsely accused and burned at the stake. 

And now, it’s seen as a trend with many people straying away from traditional religions to delve into it. 

But through it all, the mainstream depiction of a witch seems to a white woman.

Don’t contest me with this. Just go ahead and google “black witch” and see for yourself.

Witchcraft didn’t start with white women. And it will not end with white women. But just because the stories of black witches aren’t as visible, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Just think about your grandmother’s wisdom.

Your auntie’s cooking. 

And your mother’s sixth sense when she knows you did something bad.

Their magic may have seem subtle but it has influenced you and your family greatly.

For Mykieintheraw’s debut, I decided to feature six women, six black witches whose craft has impacted their family, their community and themselves in a positive way.

Because we are here, have always been here, and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I believe that a witch is a powerful woman who knows her power to conjurer things and dispel things that are no longer service to her. A witch in the simpliest form is a woman who is well aware of her power. -Tameko Rowe

I don’t identify with the mainstream trend of witch. The ‘oh I’m a bruja because I got a candle and some incense’ witch. This is very much my life. This is how I’ve been surviving. I’ve been working magic.-Averie Harding

I feel like a witch has supernatural powers and they use their hands to heal. They use knowledge, wisdom and intuition to heal. -Tarica Danielle

Witch. I connect with and reclaim particularly because of any person. Particularly black women, who is liberating and supporting black folks on their path to liberation. They are a threat and is seen as such often where we know many of us are experiencing present day witch hunts.-Erika Totten

“For me, a witch is someone who creates intentionally in there reality. There’s so many different tools that one can use to do that but it’s really about the intention. Just really knowing the power that your have to create and to influence and manipulate energy and being able to utilize that power.”-Jamila Kani

I just want to thank each person I interviewed, as well as Britt Sankofa for editing these pieces. Check out her site at brittneysankofa.weebly.com.

And special thanks for all who gave me encouragement, support, and bomb ass tea during my brainstorming sessions.