Tarica Danielle of Manifest

Mykalee McGowan

Besides the occasional shoulder massage from a significant other, I’ve never experienced the healing art of bodywork. But for massage therapist, Tarica Danielle, bodywork goes deeper than soothing an achy shoulder.

Manifest: The Wholistic Approach is Danielle’s company, where she gives massages and aromatherapy sessions as an independent contractor. She works out of several locations in the DMV area, including Serene Creme Wellness in Northeast DC. For Danielle, massage is more than “rubbing lotion on people”.

I feel like people just want to have that human touch. They just need someone to love on them and their muscles. But I also work with the mind, body, and spirit. I know the emotion that’s associated with the muscle. I can massage you and tell you that you’ve been holding anger,” said the 22 year-old, “A lot of people are off balanced emotionally. Dealing with trauma and a whole bunch of shit. I know that I can identify it and I know what to look for in people.”

Tarica Danielle figured out her gift when she massaged her father’s feet at 5 years old.

“Soon after, I was massaging my siblings for money. I was getting quarters and candy”.

Immediately after high school, Danielle went to massage therapy school where she met friends who aided her education and spiritual journey.

I went through my stages of enlightenment. I was having a lot of outer body experiences. I was meditating heavy. Those experiences formed my perception now. I even ran into a lot of spiritual people who opened my eyes and taught me a lot of self realization. That’s where I went deeper within myself,” she said.

Years later, she started Manifest, a company that she well…manifested.

“It was a year of nonstop manifestations for me. My slogan is ‘connect, grow, and manifest’. I do events just to promote myself so when I do get out there, people already know my face. That’s my quest now,” she said.

Tarica Danielle is really enthusiastic about black entrepreneurship and collaborating with likeminded individuals.

“We are too creative to work for anybody. We are too powerful. We can all be millionaires because we have a creative power. The money is gonna come because we can create products that everybody needs. We’re just dope people. Everybody is a healer in one form or another,” she said.

As for her self care, Danielle says she needs other healers to help heal herself.

If you asked me this question months ago, I would’ve said ‘I heal myself’. No. We heal each other. We need each other. I was breathing, I was meditating. But sometimes you need outside perception. You need different healing modalities. People are in-tune in different ways and sometimes you need their powers. That’s where that exchange comes in. Sharing knowledge and wisdom come in. We need each other,” she said.

Learn more Tarica Danielle and her practice at www.manifesttwa.com