Tameko Rowe of Cocoabuttermothers

Mykalee McGowan

I’ll never forget the first time I met Tameko Rowe. She came into my school’s photography studio with long brown hair, eclectic tattoos and  bubbly personality. She was a true Aquarius with all the air-sign characteristics — creative, adventurous, and sociable. However, her love for the earth has deeper roots.

These roots has been the source of  Rowe’s successful business, CocoaButterMothers, an artisan home & body care line made with organic, vegan ingredients. In only a year since its launch, CocoaButterMothers has already made an impact locally. But before it’s creation, Rowe was just a military brat who loved working with plants.

“I have a deep affinity for herbs and gardening and the naturalist scene,” said the 32-year-old. “I always loved the villian Posion Ivy, because they always depicted her with crazy love for the earth. So if you fucked with her plants, she would fuck with you.”

Years later, Rowe decided to take her love for the earth more seriously and began reading about and taking courses on herbs. It was during this time that her interest with metaphysics and other spiritual practices reached its peak.

“I was really understanding metaphysical tools and how they connect to our ancestors. Identifying that the black woman is the original conjurer and learning about ancestral magic kinda solidified that I’m not nuts. I’m not some halloween description of a witch with boiling caldrons. I’m actually an original woman. Because I am woman and because I am a black woman”, she said.

To Tameko Rowe being a witch is really simple — you have to be aware of your power.

I believe that a witch is a powerful woman who knows her power to conjurer things and dispel things that are no longer service to her. I really think it’s just that simple. It has nothing to with bunnies out of a hat or witchcraft with demons and ouija boards”, she said.

Aware of her power, she has not only created a business that promotes radical self care, but has also delved into a collaborative women’s health initiative known as the Mystic Moon Collective. Along with friends and fellow healers Adrianne Burke and Renesha Johnson, the trio provides comprehensive holistic healing to women. While Rowe assists her partners with their yoga and reiki practices, they in turn use products from the CocoaButterMothers line.

“Black women healers, we’re not considered the norm of [holistic and medical] healing. Brown people aren’t usually the face of these movements. We created everything so this is no different. That’s why we have old black grannies telling you healing modalities thats been handed down from generations”, she said.

When she’s not working on CocoaButterMothers or collaborating with Mystic Moon Collective, Rowe is studying to become a doula.

“I’ve always have had this deep reverence for mothers and motherhood. It’s a new journey, definitely a marathon and not a sprint. Midwives are usually older women,” said the 32-year-old.

Even though she’s in the beginning of her doula studies, Rowe would like to combine her business and doula services. She plans on making products specifically for pregnant women.

In the midst of growing her business, throwing events with her collective and studying to be a doula, Rowe admits to neglecting time for self-care.

“I lost touch with my own self care by promoting it in others. I had to do a self check. I took a vacation this year and I haven’t done that in a lot of time. And so self care for me means simply taking a break. Putting down my phone, not answering too many emails. I really love taking some time unapologetically and showing up for myself,” she said.

Rowe makes sure she takes time to “get back to her introverted ways” by chilling out with her cats and playing video games.

Whether it’s working on her brand, learning the art of holistic birthing, or self-healing with her cats, Tameko Rowe keeps her head up and continues to be true to herself. It’s what has helped her journey thus far.

“Know that we are in the best time ever to be alive and it’s important that the creatives, the witches, the downtrodden, the people that are told to assimilate start showing up as they are unapologetically and holding space for those who aren’t ready yet. Change everything just by simply being who you are,” she said.

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