Jordan of Meetherhighness

Mykalee McGowan

Who am I? Who am I becoming? What do I want to contribute to the world? Those are the three questions Jordan Lyle asked me during our first encounter a few years ago. When I asked why she asks these three questions, she explains,“Those questions are ancient questions that man human beings have been asking themselves since the beginning of time. They relate to purpose. Purpose is what fills our lungs with air everyday. Purpose is what gives us the strength to go on. Purpose is what everything that we do.”

Simple yet profound, these are the same questions that build the foundation of Lyle’s collective, Meet Her Highness. According to Lyle, Meet Her Highness is a “safe space for creative energy to circulate and where women can be accountable to and supported by one another inupholding the divine feminine”.

What was initially created to help the youth has grown into a space where femmes of all ages, can express themselves and commune together. One way this is happening is through Queen’s Tea, a seasonal event hosted by Lyle where women share their stories, art and music.

“When we come together, something really magical happens. When people tell their stories, unlocks the collective consciousness and reveals how certain experiences are primordial. These experiences pulsate across generations and into eternity. So regardless of your age and where you’re from, your gonna connect with certain core ideas and stories,” she said.

Even though it’s a fairly new event series, the response is nothing but positive.

“Really surprising when you first come up with something, you don’t always know if it’s gonna resonate, which is ridiculous because your spirit creates not just for you…but others as well. Because of this, I’m able to birth something beautiful, receive inspiration and inspire others as well. Nothing but goodness that comes out of it. It’s such a blessing,” she said.

Lyle’s company has more to offer and it’s coming in the near future.

“Meetherhighness is an online publication. It’s a events production firm. It’s a creative collective. It’s so many things. It’s gonna be a book club early winter. There will be a leadership component early winter. It’s growing and evolving just like me,” she said.

Jordan Lyle isn’t only the creator of Meetherhighness, she is also a healer that delves into many divinations such as tarot and astrology. In fact, one of her up-and-coming projects is developing her own oracle. When she was told that black women can’t do a particular practice, Lyle had a few words to share.

“One of the most potent decks I use is the tarot. I remember being in a space where I was asked, ‘Why are you using tarot? Tarot isn’t for black women.’ and I remember having to really think about the concept of what a black oracle is,” she said,“I had to put on my teacher hat to school the young lady who made the statement because there’s a universal way that we are able to communicate with spirit, and tarot is just one of the many forms. I could pick up a playing card deck and do the same thing. I could pick up a pile of rocks and do the same thing I do with the playing card deck. I could read a bird that flies by and tell you what’s happening in your life. Oracles are simple tools. Spirit speaks regardless,” she said. 

Creating the oracle is very important to Lyle for it provides the opportunity to “create language that resonates and depict ancient archetypes that reflect the experience of black women”. But that’s not the only thing she is working on. Jordan Lyle also plans to do metaphysical workshops early November.

“As a healer, my goal is to get to the people who really need what I’m offering. So being able to sit through all of the semantics and get right to the core of the message, making it accessible to everyone. She wants to be able to teach a universal language for people in different spiritual traditions. As a healer, my goal is to get to the people who really need what I’m offering. So being able to sift through all of the semantics and get right to the core of the message, making it accessible to everyone is very important.” she said.

Building Meetherhighness and her personal projects can take a toll, so I asked Jordan Lyle how she practices self care. She explains that exercise and art has been her saving grace.

“As I’ve gotten older, I have a lot more creative energy that needs to be channeled. Cardio, yoga, hula hooping, anything that allows me to transmute that energy. And art is always a wonderful form of self care. I find that art clarifies a lot of things for me. And if my brain is foggy and I have a lot on my mind, I get clarity through creating,” she said.

As much as Jordan Lyle has impacted many people with Meetherhighness and her own divinations, there’s one lesson she learned as healer: “Everyone around me is my refection As within, so without. As above, so below”.

She takes this lesson wherever she goes.

“When I start hearing people’s narratives and conversations, I start looking at where I am and the particular lessons I’m trying to master at that moment. It really increases my capacity to grow through those relationships, experiences and interactions. It’s kind of selfish the kind of work that I do because it’s just a gift to have all these mirrors showing me the parts of myself I can’t see,” she said.

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