Averie Harding of Lotus Eaters

Mykalee McGowan

In Greek mythology, Odysseus and his men encountered the land of lotus eaters. The lotus eaters were a group from northern Africa, who gave his men the lotus fruit. Intoxicated with pleasure, Odysseus’ men didn’t want to leave the land. The feeling those men had is the same feeling Averie Harding is replicating with her company, Lotus Eaters.

Lotus Eaters is a product line catering to the body, mind, and spirit. An idea as old as my friendship with its creator (5 years by the way), it has thrived into a great company influencing many people in the area and beyond. Before Lotus Eaters, Harding has always loved healing with plants.

“I call myself a flower therapist because I use all parts of the plant not just flowering things. And I perform alchemy on them, changing their makeup from being a whole plant to being a juice or a tincture. Then, I intuitively recommend certain remedies for people. Dealing with healing on an energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual level,” she said.

Lotus Eaters had a humble start with only 3 products. But after a successful sale at Harriet’s Apothecary, a healing event in New York, she felt confident to create more.

“My first three products other than sage and crystals was hydrosols. People really responded to the hydrosols. I got to Harriet’s Apothecary and everybody was at my table. I was like, ‘What? People really liked my stuff’?  I went to see my therapist at Harriet’s Apothecary and she said, ‘Do you know that you can do  this? Because everybody want what you got,’” she said,

Sometimes you just gotta trust the process. You got the idea. You have the energy in you. You have the feeling. You don’t even know how it’s gonna play out. You just know that it’s gonna happen and everything just starts shifting. And it takes on a life of it’s own. That’s how you know energy is real. That’s really where lotus eaters are. Just growing on sheer passion and authenticity and effectiveness”.

She doesn’t only work with plant energy but she also helps people’s energy though reiki. For her, it is more than clearing energy but a reading as well.

“I always had that gift. I can touch people and know things about them. One of the people that really woke me up to this is [a fellow healer] Houiea Love. He was really integral of my awakening about what reiki is because he was the first person that did reiki on me and then give me a reading that way. It made me to trust my intuition,” she said .

The Lotus Eaters vision is far from over. Harding plans to expand to wellness centers and make it into a lifestyle.

“I want to really have a place where people can come for all kinds of therapy. Because people don’t look at holistic healing as therapy. They look at it is “Imma go in, get what I need and get out”. NO. Come talk to me, build with me, come connect. And then from there, based from what you get I have a product to offer you to support you in your healing,” she said.

She also wants to connect with other black women healers and create a community.

On Connecting with Black Women:

“I want to offer space to black women to carry out their healing ministries and grow their businesses, their minds, and their souls in the process. Because I’m a black woman and I’m gonna represent myself. That’s just what it is. I just want to have a space where we can be represented in the healing ministries we have because we are coming out of the woodwork. We got the magic and we got it on lock.”

On Creating a Healing Community:

“I want a healing community where we don’t have to retreat. WE live in a retreat. And if we are gonna get to the point where we are back in our natural state which is living in a space of bliss and euphoria. A utopia. It’s totally possible and totally real because that’s what we were doing before.”

With all the work on growing the Lotus Eaters brand, I ask Harding how she winds down. This question sparked a conversation about the myth that healers are perfect and aren’t allowed to be…well, human.

“I was talking to Tarica Danielle this morning. I said to her that I’m am sick of people thinking that since I’m a healer and you’re a healer and that means we have our shit together. We’re never allowed to be human. We’re not allowed to cry. We’re not allowed to hurt. We’re not allowed to be ratchet and raunchy sometimes. People think that being a healing is throwing away your personality before picking up your healing modality. That’s not healthy. That’s not healing,” she said.

The way she practices self care is being herself from the peaceful to the ratchet. Showing that she’s a healer regardless of what side she’s showing.

” I practice self care by not being hard on myself. Like if I’m cussing drinking and smoking, I’m still a healer. I’m just being human,” she said, “I practice self healing with pampering, beautifying myself. But also, talking to myself and remembering my wholeness. It’s ok to be negative sometimes because negativity has place too. It’s ok to be positive because positivity has place too. We are all good and bad. We’re everything and we have to remember that,” she said.

As for the lesson she wants to share, it’s simple.

“Just to honor your path. Be patient with yourself. Everything is ok as long as it get you to higher ground,” she said.

To learn more about Averie Harding and Lotus Eaters, check out Lotuseatslife.com and follow her on Instagram at @lotuseatslife.