Black Women Who Aren’t Afraid To Speak Out


I admire many people in the black community. I respect the work and triumphs of my elders but my spirit roots for my generation. It’s our time and while people think we are lazy, ratchet fools, there are many of us who defy the stereotype. Right now, I’m focusing on four black women who are speak their minds confidently and unapologetically.

Sensei Aishitemasu

  • The original title of this post was supposed to be “Black Girls Are Popping”  based on this video right here. That’s how much Sensei Aishitemasu‘s videos has impacted me. And the crazy thing is that I just found her youtube channel last week! She provide thought provoking insights on the black experience that many may hesitate to say. This video resonated with me due to the constant bashing of Black women. What we wear, how we act, what we think about is constantly being criticized. Aishitemasu reminds us that the reason that they are on us so bad is because we are amazing.


  • XoDVF is another amazing black woman who tells it like it is. I found her youtube channel this past summer and it gave me the utmost life. DVF delves into the real history, metaphysics, and current issues of black people. In this video, she talks about internet bullying and the natural hair community. After that summer, I met her at a Nubian Hueman event in DC. We also worked together on a photo shoot at her boutique, Nomad Yard Collectiv.  Now, it’s so good to call this amazing woman my friend. See how the universe works!

Kat Blaque

Kim Katrin Milan

  • Kim Katrin Milan has been on my radar for quite sometime. The human rights activist has traveled the globe teaching, creating, and building for the rights of all. Her Facebook alone has taught me so much about the political and social injustices in this world, current issues, and privileges. In this video, she discusses street harassment in NYC .
I’ve never really been the outspoken type. But these women have made an impact in my life to speak out more about my opinions, my stances, and the issues that I feel that are important to me. It’s great to just have representation of people who inspire me to come out of that comfort zone and show you that speaking your mind isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s quite liberating. And on that note, I leave you with this truth by Solange Knowles. 



What do you think about these ladies? Who do you resonate with? Who would you put on this list?

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