Watch: Strolling by Cecile Emeke

A few months ago, I received a Tumblr submission from a young filmmaker by the name of Cecile Emeke. She created a video and wanted me to watch and share. I don’t know about you, but I’m very picky about what I give to the Tumblr dashboard. Normally I pass submissions by if it’s not up to par. However, the great write made me intrigued enough to press play.


The video submitted by Emeke was a part of her web series, Strolling, which delves into the minds of young people of color on topics like politics, sex, religion, pop culture, and identity. Strolling reminds me of the mind-blowing conversations I’ve had with friends. But instead of it being a fleeting moment, Emeke packages it in a way that gives you the opportunity to rewind an authentic memory.

The web series is 12 episodes deep since its launch in April 2014. And according to Emeke, she plans to expand beyond England and will be featuring folks from the US and other countries.
Watch the Strolling web series on Emeke’s YouTube channel and support her films at

What are some of your favorite episodes of the Strolling Web Series? What topics would you want to discuss?

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