Eat Yourself Sexy with Lauren Von Der Pool

Mykalee McGowan

I didn’t change when it was convenient. I changed by any means necessary.

That quote was etched in my mind since my role model, Lauren Von Der Pool visited DC last month.

The celebrity chef, author, and “Queen Of Green” came back to her hometown to speak about her book, Eat Yourself Sexy. She also had some time to speak with Mykieintheraw about her start in the healthy lifestyle and how to start your own journey.

Von Der Pool’s journey started after a traumatic experience when she was 16 years old.

“I had a very life changing experience. I got stabbed in my head. It’s probably through the course of a month that I started to discover a shift in my life. I believe that when you are aligned with your purpose, everything will open for you and that’s exactly what happened”, she said.

And indeed it did, Lauren Von Der Pool changed from eating a standard American diet to a raw veganism practically overnight. She was inspired by books such as Queen Afua’s Heal Thyself and The Raw Life by Paul Nison.

Queen Afua, Source:

She also volunteered at Everlasting Life, a vegan restaurant in Northwest DC. Her passion and motivation to spread the knowledge about healing foods has led her to cook for many people like Venus and Serena Williams, Common, and Patti LaBelle.

Von Der Pool with Common,  Source: Queen Of Green Instagram

Finally meeting Lauren Von Der Pool felt like a confirmation for a shift in my own journey. I’ve been thinking about dabbling into raw veganism for a while and hearing her talk about health and foods gave me the push I needed. Before ending the interview, I had to ask her how I and others can start a healthier path.

Here are her 3 tips:

Mindful Eating: “The easiest and most effective way is to be mindful of what you are eating. Know that everything has energy. You want to have beautiful food in your body because that’s gonna give you beautiful energy”.

Sea Vegetables: “A lot of minerals are in sea vegetables. They are one of my go tos. You could go to Blue Nile (if you are in DC), Whole Foods or a health food store, they probably have Chlorella and Spirulina. If you add that to your diet, you’ll receive cell nourishment which is gonna make your hair grow, your nails grow, and your skin shine. All the cells in your body will have more oxygen because of it”.

Water: “Drink a lot of water because your body is mostly water and you wanna make sure that your water system is clean”.

For more tips and resources, check out Lauren Von Der Pool’s book, Eat Yourself Sexy and follow her on Instragram @QueenOfGreen. Also, she’s currently on a book tour at a city near you. Go and be inspired.