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Mykalee McGowan
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I’ve had my share of orgasmic moments when it comes to music. It has made me dance and sing shamelessly in public. But NO ONE has ever made me commit reckless endangerment.

Until Ego Ella May.

Ego Ella May’s voice flows seductively. Smooth like smoke, it makes simple words sound so profound. She pairs it with eclectic beats from amazing producers like IAMNOBODI, a formula enough to make me drop poor Stella (my laptop) on the floor.

Fortunately for Mykieintheraw, sharing my love on Twitter has led to an exclusive interview with the promising musician.

Music was always an interest to the UK native, but it wasn’t until she turned 17 that her dream manifested into reality. Ego Ella May taught herself the tools she needed to create her “future soul” sound.

“I learnt a lot just by doing it alone at home and messing around, experimenting. I learnt how to play the guitar that way and also engineer my music”, she said.

Source: Ego Ella May YouTube

In fact, she is a part of MDMay (with friend, Mini D), who produced the remix of a Common classic, “Come Close”. The song was recognized by I-D, a popular fashion magazine.

Besides creating the sound for her music, song writing is a major aspect. With her writing, Ego Ella May reminds her audience that she’s human too.

These songs are my truths, but we are not so different. I want people to be able to relate to them, and smile.

Video Source: Ego Ella May Youtube 

Now at 22, she has 2 EP’s and performs music at various venues in her area. Even though her journey is moving upwards, there are still struggles along the way.

“ I have doubts all the time. I overcome them by being honest with myself and allowing myself to feel those doubts in their entirety. That way, I get over myself quicker. I also write about it or go through my favorites on twitter and read some encouraging words that my supporters have said”.

And the support continues offline, for God, her family, MINI D, and the “simple things” motivate her to continue.

Source: Shaun Sky 

Music may be her priority but Ego Ella May has another interesting project on the side. She created the blog, Selfie and a Chat, where she interviews artists about their life and the industry they’re in.

I’m an artist, wanting to gain more knowledge about this industry and who better to ask than those living it? I’ve met some great artists on my journey so i wanted to sit down and have a chat with them and get advice, and also educate others who aren’t so clued up and think that the music industry is all glamour and gold.

So far she has interviewed, Omar, a well-known UK music artist and Tawiah, a musician from South London whose went on tour with Mark Ronson. But she hopes to interview folks like Warsan Shire, Frank Ocean, and Stevie Wonder in the future.

May with musician, Omar Lyefook,  Source: Selfieandachat

As much as she is learning about the music industry, she doesn’t want that ultra famous life that may come with it. She just want to “live comfortably off her music”.

“I don’t care for fame or anything, I would just like to be respected in my field and know that i can live off it and inspire others. That’s all. I want to lead a simple life”.

Currently, Ego Ella May is working on a new music project and a tour.

And as for Stella, she survived. She always do.

Source: Ego Ella May YouTube